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Tesla Lives


by Nikola Tesla
October 13, 1932, New York
This idea of the great philosopher, who later honored me with his friendship, had a fascinating effect on my mind and in meditating over it I was struck by the thought that if there is energy within the substance it can only come from without.  This truth was so manifest to me that I expressed it in the following axiom: "There is no energy in matter except that absorbed from the medium."  Lord Kelvin gave us a picture of a dying universe, of a clockwork wound up and running down, inevitably doomed to come to a full stop in the far, far off future.  It was a gloomy view incompatible with artistic, scientific and mechanical sense.  I asked myself again and again, was there not some force winding up the clock as it runs down?  The axiom I had formulated gave me a clue.  If all energy is supplied to matter from without then this all important function must be performed by the medium.  Yes--but how?
I pondered over this oldest and greatest of all riddles of physical science a long time in vain, despairingly remind of the words of the poet:
Wo fass ich dich unendliche Nat—r?
Euch Bruste wo Ihr Quellen alles Lebens
An denen Himmel und Erd— hangt.  .  .
Where, boundless nature, can I hold you fast?
And where you breasts?  Wells that sustain
All life--the heaven and the earth are nursed.
                                      Goethe.  Faust 

Eric Dollard:
A collection of scientific papers and articles by Tesla and others
about Tesla's work primarily in the field of electrical engineering.

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