Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Internet

The Internet

War, the threat of war, territorial disputes, bank failures, disease pandemic, commodities price-fixing, quantitative easing, staged terror attacks, corrupt governments, financial and economic chaos, erosion of civil rights, growing poverty and hunger, joblessness, natural and unnatural catastrophes, sink-holes, earthquakes and all the other new normals can’t seem to create the spark that will enact Marshall Law across the globe.

There is one thing, and only one thing, that will bring the world to its knees, and we are fast approaching it – the shutdown of the internet.

This one technology controls our power grids, banking and communications systems, military defense systems, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, retailing, water systems, sewage systems, transportation systems, educational systems, healthcare, media and all the other new normals. When someone pulls the switch on the “matrix” we will descend into a precipice of complete chaos.

Nuclear war is not an option contrary to all the news propaganda. The Globalists will not destroy infrastructure and architecture – they only want to eradicate flesh and bone. Whether deliberate, or by force of nature, I have an eerie feeling the demise of the internet is an event that may come to pass in the not too distant future. It is the perfect re-set tool. It will hide all crimes and misdemeanors. The toll on human life will be catastrophic but no one will know. If you have ever felt lost, then you cannot possibly imagine a world with no lights, heat, food, water and health-care.

How long the power switch is turned off will be a decision the Satanic demons whom we have placed a great deal of trust will decide – if we let them.

Internet = intern net

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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