Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire of our time is the planet Earth and the Universe that encircles it. Caesar’s time has passed. The only Caesar of consequence is God. We should have learned by now that our greatness is part of something greater, and no leader on Earth is worthy of that title.

There was a time when great men risked their lives and nations to conquer the world. They assembled great armies and fought heroic battles. Chivalry, courage and death were the oath of the loyal soldier – mercenary or not. They fought for a Man, his ideology and for a few coins of gold or silver.

Today we have become as meek as the sacrificial lamb - amputated of all honor and courage. We seek all the comforts this world has to offer, never relinquishing an inch for fear that another may relish in the divine majesty of creation or its man-made by-products.

We are complete and utter fools. We continue to create laws and ideas that divide us, rather than unify us. We have learned nothing from the quiet hand of nature. Even in its most unspeakable hour it will bring joy and calm to all who surrender to it the next day. We seek peace and security at all costs, yet very visibly, it abounds and surrounds us.

Life can have no meaning is we cannot understand its deeper purpose. Technology and artificial intelligence will makes fools of flesh unless we realize that it can never possess the one thing God provided to us all, a soul.

It is tragic when I read that so many young adults are committing suicide and finding themselves lost at the periphery of society. We find it in our means to measure the number of victims, but not the emotional circumstance that has brought these young adults to an unhappy conclusion. Even when we have determined the social consequences that have brought us to this great tragedy, the solutions become unfeasible or untenable.

So where do we go from here. While you must shelve your guns, so too must you keep them as a reminder that tyranny harbors itself in the minds of all Men. We must seek out our personal God and ask for guidance, for it shall be given. We must, at the commencement of this New Age, finally come together in prayer, and respect the ingenuity of God’s creation. He created black and white, red and brown. He set forth the languages of the world. He sent His Prophets as divine messengers, and He gave us Free Will. Well, that one gift is no longer free. We have consciously or unconsciously relinquished the greatest gift our Creator bestowed upon us.

God told us that the act of giving harvested greater returns. Instead we have learned to take by killing and stealing. There is nothing left on this Earth that belongs to Caesar.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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