Friday, June 21, 2013

Free Will - Part II

Free Will - Part II

Let prophecy slumber for God’s word is a device for men to engage their free will. Our fate is in the hands of God but our destiny is ours.

Do not think that free will has not spared Mankind throughout the course of our history. We are wicked wretches who thirst for what is wrong, yet in moments of absolute despair, a valiant outcry surfaces from beneath the rock of cowardice, and we unite to undo a visible wrong.

We are a planet who is lost, confused and riddled by the coming of tomorrow. Sadly, the infinity of tomorrow is ever present, and we fail to open its door. We have lost our perceptive ability, but most of all, an understanding of our past. Our history is who we are regardless of the transformative powers of technology. We are capable of mixing God’s ingredients, but totally inept at undoing God.

We have failed in our communion with Mother Nature, we have failed to better understand the holographic nature of our existence and we continue to fail in loving one another. Evil has so won the day that we are engulfed in its trickery. While a magician’s hand can produce momentary ecstasy, the Creator’s finger constructed an entire universe.

God created a “flawed perfection”. We seek immortality with the accompaniment of flesh, rather than eternity in the presence of God. We can choose to walk upon this earthly haven forever, or we can choose to touch each and every star in the heavens.
We watch as war shreds flesh, mutilates Nature and creates an everlasting foe, so when will it stop?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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