Monday, June 10, 2013

Canadian Government Spying

Government Spying

It was only yesterday that I once again contacted Bell Canada because of my annoyingly persistent internet woes. Over and over I have communicated my frustration and made it known that I feel my communication lines are being tampered with. In fact, Bell spent thousands of dollars replacing all my exterior phone lines and panels a little over a year ago.

With most phone calls, Bell support staff insist that they should have a technician thoroughly inspect my interior lines. I allowed them to enter my home on two occasions. They found nothing of consequence - having a team of people carrouseling through your home requires that you constantly inspect what they are doing. Generally they don’t do much except look around and ask where the main phone panel is located.

In my frustration I posted a comment on my FaceBook just yesterday, stating that I profoundly believe our phone lines are tapped and monitored. I told Bell support staff to tape my comments. Today on Canadian news, it was made public that the Harper government revived secret legislation passed by the Martin government years ago, in late 2011.

I believe that opinionated Canadians like myself are being targeted by a corrupt Harper government. This government has allowed military personnel to spy on Canadians – you know, the same murderous Satanic staff that includes Colonel Russell Williams, and travels abroad to over-throw independent foreign countries like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. We can only guess what they are planning for Syria and Iran.

Folks the real criminals, the real mafia and the real terrorists exist within our government, banks, royalty, corporate bodies and media. They are working hand in hand to create a false perception of reality. They have perpetrated wars, conducted genocide on foreign soil, bankrupted nations, invoked a corrupt Masonic nepotism that destroys human potential and robbed us blind. They don’t want to find terrorists, they want to isolate people who are identifying and communicating this corruption to the masses. Honest Canadians with an opinion are being targeted so the real criminals can build defense mechanisms to protect themselves.

The current Senate scandal can only be the tip of the iceberg. $3 billion dollars in unaccounted funds is probably billions more.

When I hear that former Premier McGuinty cancelled the energy plants to appease voters and secure his odds of maintaining a Liberal government, I cringe. This thief and fraudster, who has destroyed public evidence, cost taxpayers $600 million to buy himself an election. Are we out of our minds for allowing this to happen? These people should be charged and made to be judged by the criminal justice system. We don’t need public enquiries referring to crooks as honorable members. Harper and McGuinty should be indicted.

We can only surmise that the directive for this criminal conduct originates from a blood-thirsty queen and her side-kick Nazi cousin in the Netherlands.

The orchestrated and random events occurring in the USA are only a precursor to what will take place in Canada. If you cannot envision why bail-in legislation, calls for higher security measures and why flagrant corruption continues to expose itself, then your naivety will one day get the best of you. I firmly believe that the Canadian mind-set is far superior than that of our southern cousins; so why are we not questioning, replacing and hold these criminals culpable?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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