Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hazel McCallion - A Dame of the Knights of Malta & John Albanese

To:  Members of Provincial Parliament
Could I possibly receive a response to the last matter in this memorandum?

By: Urban Affairs Reporter, Published on Fri Jun 14, 2013              

An Ontario Superior Court judge has dismissed a conflict of interest complaint against Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion.
The decision means McCallion, 92, will not be forced to step down after 35 years on the job.
The ruling released Friday morning followed an hearing held by Justice John Sproat into votes McCallion took in 2007 at the Region of Peel that stood to save World Class Developments – her son’s company – $11 million in development charges.
“In my opinion, a reasonable elector, appraised of all of the circumstances as of the votes, would not regard the deemed financial interest of Mayor McCallion as likely to have influenced her vote,” he wrote.

I find politics amusing. Hazel McCallion's conflict of interest matter was dismissed on a technicality. Mayor Rob Ford almost lost his Mayoral seat over an irrelevant  $3,000 matter, and now he has been "CONVICTED" by the media when no evidence exists. Is one not baffled by the apparent injustice?

Folks, let me prolong my tale of Freemasonry. I was at the Granite Club in 2005 when Hazel McCallion was initiated "Dame" in the Order of the Knights of Malta. My then friend was the Sargent at Arms for the occasion. Now do you understand?

It was quite the event. A slightly inebriated former Prime Minister John Turner sat at our table until he was taken away by his security staff, and a Toronto Sun reporter openly spoke his mind on the dealings of Mayor McCallion. My father-in-law at one time even did stone-work on Mr. Turner's residence.

That reminds me. When someone in the provincial parliament reads this memorandum I hope they will write me back on the following matter. My father-in-law's contracting company was the singular company that cut and placed every stone at the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinberg, Ontario. He knew Mr. McMichael personally and the work spanned over two decades.

For years I wrote McGuinty's office and the appropriate Minister governing the McMichael Art Gallery. Our family wanted a dedication mentioning my father-in-law's contribution to one of Canada's greatest architectural achievements - permanently stamped on the facility. I may add that my father-in-law performed some of the finest stone-work across this province and in many government held properties. His name is John Albanese. He turns 80 this June 24, 2013.  The dedication would be a nice gift.

I suspect no dedication was ever granted to him because "they" certainly could not have an Italian attached to one of this country's greatest construction achievements. The irony is that my father-in-law, John Albanese, was one of the first industrial property developers in Mississauga - dating back to the 1950's.  Go figure!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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