Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford – Final

Mayor Rob Ford – Final

The opinions Torontonians have expressed about Mayor Rob Ford’s potential guilt do not harness media attention. We however seem to have many other negative thoughts and comments which make the front page news every day.

I suspect Mayor Ford did not attend the annual Mayor’s conference this year because of the continued media harassment, and the cloak of doubt which the “establishment” has draped over his character.

This Mayor has been “convicted” by the establishment, his peers and the media when “no evidence” exists. Most of his Mayoral staff have resigned their positions, in a move which appears to make no sense. It is my opinion that this is a staged “mutiny”. Once again, keep track of where these past-staffers end up. The names of their new employers could raise eye-brows.

My personal opinion is that this Mayor has done a great job for the City of Toronto. His actions and words show respect for the taxpayer, and he continues to show financial restraint in sour economic times.

Next year the electorate will once again be asked to vote for a Mayoral candidate. Your decision should be based on what this Mayor has accomplished during his current term. We can return to the wasteful spending of Mayor Miller – no accountability, complete nepotism in the hiring process (I think all of Miller’s family works for the City of Toronto) and secrecy.

The people of Toronto should really be pissed. The media has scarred our Mayor, our reputation and our good name. We are better than that.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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