Thursday, June 13, 2013

Memo to Mr. Harper and the Canadian Parliament

Memo to Mr. Harper and the Canadian Parliament

Pardon me for interrupting the circus act but I just wanted to bring a few things to your attention. The shenanigans we are witnessing in the Senate are nothing new. Politicians have been misappropriating, stealing and defrauding the public for decades. No one goes to jail because we amend the rules for compliance – there really is no enforcement, just perception. The jail-time privilege is strictly for the voting public.

Politicians are also lucky enough to practice the new rules outside the prison system. Everyone else must bide their time and become reformed. There is a reason for this. We have Freemasons in our political hierarchy; Freemasons throughout the justice system, and Freemasons in our police departments - all sworn to cover each other’s ass. There are even Masonic police. These Masons, knowingly or unknowingly, all report to the Windsor queen or anyone of her 1,000 disciples who are members of the “Order of the Garter”. Jean Chretien darns a garter.

This problem of course is not just a Federal issue. We have our provincial representatives involved in Masonic corruption as well. Premier McGuinty defrauded Ontario of billions of dollars, Mayor Miller kept Toronto’s finances a complete secret, and police Commissioner Blair joined in violating the civil rights of many Canadians. McGuinty will go on to perhaps become an ambassador, Miller is now CEO of the Canadian WWF, and Blair continues in his role as Police Chief. By the way, that’s not the World Wrestling Federation but rather the World Wildlife Federation. This should land Miller an invitation to the Tri-Lateral Commission as well.

For those unaware, the WWF was the brain-child of prince Phillip. He celebrated the inauguration of the Federation by going to Africa and shooting a prized rhinoceros, lion or elephant (i.e. I can’t remember which). The reward system inside the Masonic PRISM is simply amazing.

Apart from the three-ring circus above, we have Justinian Trudeau practicing his yoga in the event he ascends to the parliamentary throne, Stephen Harper is amusing the public with his imitations of Diefenbaker, Mulroney and Manning, and Mr. Mulcair staunchly looks on with bearded conservatism. Yes folks this is not the Shriner’s circus coming to town (by the way, Shriners are high-ranking Freemasons) but rather a soap opera for the adoring public.

Even I was fortunate enough to catch the Fraternity's attention, and they followed me around for almost a decade. First I was approached to join the Masonic Lodge at Eglinton and Laird, then by the Rotarians whose district encompassed the Bloor and Kingsway district (they met for lunch every week at the Old Mill Inn) and finally the Knights of Malta or The Scottish Right (they would not disclose which). The nice young man and gorgeous Indonesian assistant gave me access to a website, with an accompanying ID and password. The site was captioned Mc­­­­­­_____ Advertising. I threw the code out and wished them a good day. I could have had job security for life. Yes folks that’s how it works. A one-time friend who belonged to three Masonic Orders was the last appointment by Paul Martin.

Back to business! Dare I ask, but is anyone addressing the unemployment crisis, growing national debt, R & D initiatives (or we can just ask the Chinese), jobs for graduates and unskilled labour, fraudulent and unnecessary expenditures in security and wire-tapping, an over-paid public service sector (probably 90% unqualified and the product of nepotism), healthcare for an aging population, or perhaps an economic relationship with the BRICS economies – just to name a few.

By the way, I hope Senate is abolished, and soon. The grounds should be “racism”. Canada is not only an Anglo and Francophone nation. The representative make-up of the people in the Senate are an embarrassment to this country. We know everyone was appointed on nepotistic grounds, but could we not have had one Prime Minister who did not excel in racism?

Mr. Harper you clearly stated many years ago that your government would be accountable to the public and practice transparency. You have had enough time to role-play.

To get to my point! Many weeks ago I wrote you about “bail-in” legislation.  Very appropriately, the next day Mr. Flaherty and the Bank of Canada Governor clarified the wording on TV (i.e. depositors would not be screwed – to put it bluntly). However, I did not receive a response to my question on CDIC insurance. I will re-attach my comments and questions in this email. Hopefully, when you are done with your ventriloquism act, you can send me a reply.

Either way, I must commend you on your many talents. I just hope you are not putting on act for the people of Canada.

Finally, it is my suggestion that we “dump” the queen. We now buy our garters, like everything else from China. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria all have her fingerprints. Perhaps you can shed some light on who stole the trillions of dollars in money, gold and real-estate that belonged to the people of these nations. These countries were once peaceful and prosperous nations, now they are riddled with civil war and unrest, economic chaos, death and decay. I could not sleep at night if I had all that blood on my hands.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Friday, April 5, 2013The Confusion: Banks are not Governments & CDIC

The Confusion: Banks are not Governments & CDIC

Are you confused about the global financial crisis? Well you should be.

Sovereign governments are like corporations. They borrow money from the banking community or they issue bonds to raise money.

Depositors falsely entrust their money to the banking community. They are in fact “unsecured” creditors – they actually “lend” money when they make a deposit. The only hope you have of recovering your money, in the event of a bank failure, is CDIC (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation) insurance. Your deposits should be insured up to $100,000.00 (in Canada).

The extent to which CDIC would bail-out depositors in a major financial collapse has yet to be tested. As you can see from the data below CDIC coverage may be “hot air”. Even if CDIC borrowed the additional $17 billion from the Federal government, only 3% of the total depositors would have coverage – or each depositor would receive 3 cents on the dollar (and we have no more pennies!). Technically, 97% of depositors would lose their money.

According to the CDIC's 2010 Annual Report, CDIC protects $590 billion CAD in total eligible deposits, and has $1.95 billion CAD in assets to meet insurance claims. This amount represents 0.33% of total eligible deposits. The CDIC is also authorized to borrow up to $17 billion if necessary from the federal government or the financial markets, and may request further funds from Parliament.

In these uncertain financial times we must demand that our government insure at least 100% of the insurable deposit limit for every applicable depositor (i.e. $100,000.00).

In addition, governments must provide alternative avenues of “funds management”. My RRSP’s are held by financial institutions. If I withdraw my funds I would be taxed. Alternatively, the only way of receiving a tax deduction is to deposit RRSP funds into a bank or financial institution. This is a catch-22. Investors should be able to withdraw these funds “tax-free” and provide their own guardianship - in these uncertain times a mattress would suffice. In the absence of secure depositor financial protection we must demand free non-taxable access to our funds. If our government is willing to protect the “criminal banking community” then we must demand equal justice.

Mr. Harper I want to take my money out the banking system. I want to withdraw my RRSP funds tax free. What solutions do you have? I don’t trust the banks and I don’t trust you.

Is the global banking collapse, and the related collapse of sovereign governments a co-incidence? Technically, one should have nothing to do with the other. Bankers, monarchs and political officials have devised a plan to “steal” our money. Bank speculation in derivatives, default swaps and foreign exchange transactions has created this “financial hole”. Hard working people had nothing to do with these bank losses and government deficits. Governments and their political bodies were “willing dupes” in this fraudulent activity. I always reference it back to “Freemasonry” – the evil hand of Monarchs and Globalists. To all the politicians, newscasters, bankers and corporate elitists who have found it wiser to be a fraternal freeloader of Satanic Freemasonry and not a fraternal member of humanity – you will have a greater Authority to answer to one day.

The money is being filtered to the top of the pyramid. Multi-national corporations have trillions stashed away, royal families have trillions in their underground vaults, and corporate executives are making millions on “fictitious” profits – the funds which are being printed by the central banks are propping up bottom lines and transferring great wealth directly into the hands of criminal organizations.

We need to collapse this “Frankenstein Democracy” and not at the expense of humanity. Put the Windsor queen in the Tower of London with the rest of her family and her mostly Germanic cousins sitting on the thrones of Europe. Then travel east and arrest the balance of the so-called aristocracies.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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