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Motorola/DARPA Chip

Motorola Tatto To Replace Your Passwords For Secure Authentication

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Motorola thinks that humans are wasting a lot of energy & time in remembering & typing passwords. Motorola has a fix - using body tatto or an FDA approved pill which will allow authentication without you having to do anything extra. The technology will eliminate the need of entering passwords to authenticate yourself with various computing systems - be it your personal computer, your electronic home security, your phone, tablet or wristwatch. Speaking at the D11 conference, Regina Dugan who was the first female head of DARPA showed off a tattoo on her arm - which by no means is your ordinary tattoo.

Credit: MC10

The stick-on electronic tatto on her arm comprised of a wireless power coil, ECG, temperature sensor, phone sensor and a small LED with wireless antenna border. She said that Motorola is currently working with inventors, Universities and a Massachusetts firm "MC10" to design the rubber-stamp based tattoos. Of course, the users will have a wide variety of designs.

The tattoo will last for about 2 weeks before it needs a replacement. The connections between the sensors and silicon are designed to flex by about 200%. Of course to prevent the system from potential damage from water; it will be sprayed with a plastic composite.

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