Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Might of 72,000 in Syria

The Might of 72,000 in Syria

Mainstream media has done little to televise the broadcasted comments of a Ukrainian military official. He has pledged 72,000 Ukrainian and Russian veteran soldiers to fight and support Bashar al Assad’s current regime. In return for victory they request homes and citizenship.

Their only request from Russia - transport the troops into the battle theatre.

This would be a game-changer for the British queen, the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The fall of Syria is the second last key to the fulfillment of the New World Order. Not to mention that al Assad's conservatively estimated net worth could be in the billions of dollars. This certainly would help prop-up the British and American financial systems for a little while longer.

The only virus that continues to kill and perpetuate terror, under the guise of global peace, is America and the British monarchy. Prince Philip pontificated as follows:

Interview with HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in People Dec. 21, 1981 titled ``Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, But Not as Much as Overpopulation.''

Q: What do you consider the leading threat to the environment?

A: Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We're in for a major disaster if it isn't curbed--not just for the natural world, but for the human world. The more people there are, the more resources they'll consume, the more pollution they'll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn't controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.
With these few words the real virus stands convicted.

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