Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is the Earth shifting?

Is the Earth shifting?

The new paradigm shift might be in believing that our planet has once again become home for the nomadic tribesman.

The consistency in tragic airline, ship and train catastrophes may be due to human error, but more obvious may be the fact that Mother Earth is expanding, contracting, belching and breathing.

It was just reported that a $60 trillion “methane belch” had occurred in the Arctic region. Toxic methane gas could wipe out an entire region of the planet. Please view the article:


Sink holes and volcanic activity may be signs that the tectonic plates are on the move. A shifting surface could have dire consequences on all sensitive transportation systems, which include rail, roads and bridges, as well as pipelines, sewer systems and global positioning systems.

Before we attribute everything to human error, perhaps we should be demanding answers from our politicians – they know!

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Joseph Pede

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