Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Fate of Egyptian Democracy

The Fate of Egyptian Democracy

The fate of something that never was, has succumb to the will of the people. Egyptian democracy, through the guise of the Muslim Brotherhood, was a mythical and orchestrated aberration. The  flawed and fake democracy constructed by American, British and Globalist malevolence has become a victim of its own ignorance and inbred evil.

The world is being tested at different levels and in different regions. These “end-times games” which include bank fraud, disease pandemic, weather manipulation, conflict and war are intended to prime this planet for a global tale-over.

The military leadership in Egypt did not over-throw democracy but rather exercised it. It witnessed a flawed and corrupt manifestation of Globalism and killed it. The armed forces of Egypt actually fulfilled the will of the Egyptian people. This is a “horrific outcome” for the Globalist Agenda. The prevailing rule of law should be that generals take orders from their so-called elected leaders, and not the people they are sworn to protect.

The last defense against evil and subversion is force and the weapon of choice. I would not be surprised if Russia and China, having employed calm, stealth and logic, are now slowly corralling the armies of the Middle-East against the hypocrisy of Western Democracy.

Perhaps it is time for the military men and women of the Western nations to start re-assessing their loyalty – should it be to the madmen and women (royalty especially) who perpetuate war and financial chaos, or to its citizens, who seek to live in peace and harmony.

Having listened to the statements of Obama and Cameron I am confident they are thinking one thing, and one thing only, “holy f__k the Egyptian army betrayed us, what’s our next move?”

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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