Monday, August 12, 2013

My Chat With Pattie Brassard = August 12, 2013

In point form:

1. The west coast of the USA will be impacted by a massive earthquake.
2. The entire Pacific Rim will then experience something we cannot calculate or imagine.
3. There are about 20 nuclear reactors that will be impacted. The shut-down lead time is 4 days but no precautionary steps will be taken by government. Afterwards it will be to late.
4. Pattie will be on the Veritas News Network one last time tomorrow.
5. She is reporting that many of her FaceBook followers are reporting a sun-like planetary object in the sky.

Obviously there is great skepticism about a cataclysmic event such as this occurring in our time. The improbability makes it much more likely. It is my belief that our politicians know and nothing is being done. They would rather witness billions die than disrupt their all important "economy".

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



tamoharadasa said...

Radioactivity lasts a long time, longer than a tootsy roll. Why kill us by such neglect, when biologicals could be used? They melt in your mouth, gone, and gone.

Anonymous said...

You know she's a liar no?

Anonymous said...

her sister,Patricia says it's all lies coming outta Pattie's mouth..Pattie wears hus moms clothing,lives in his deceased moms room,etc.