Monday, August 12, 2013

Pattie Brassard – The Dilemma

Pattie Brassard – The Dilemma

In a rather short period of time Ms. Brassard has created quite the dilemma for so many people. Should we believe in what she has disclosed or is she a propagandist? In the grand picture, and in my opinion, it really does not matter.

If a brown dwarf star has made its way into our solar system, we will soon know, and experience the cataclysm that will likely ensue. Those who have taken preventative measures may escape the terror that lies ahead. We should also have paid more careful attention to Zechariah Sitchin and Robert Morning Sky.

If Pattie has managed to convince the public of a fictitious dooms-day event, then we must determine why she would have been compelled to play such a devious game.

Pattie, a virtual unknown, has achieved quasi-celebrity status in a very short period of time. She has garnered the attention of the public and the alternative news media with a very convincing story. So how could a virtual unknown acquire this notoriety so quickly? I think, this is the only important question we should all be asking.

If Pattie is found to be liar, then she may have conducted one of the most successful tests on “social consciousness” in quite some time. She may be acting for the NSA, private intelligence firms, GOOGLE, Military interests, Facebook or anyone capable of storing and eventually assessing the dynamics of social consciousness. The data and the analytics attached to this one particular event could reveal a great deal to those who wish to control the general population. Ultimately it is about mind control; rather than forecasting social consciousness, powerful people want to be in a position of predicting it far in advance.

Either way we have a great deal to fear because we do not know the ultimate purpose of such misinformation. We can however be sure of one thing – the cautious messages left to us by our great leaders, and the wisdom of the scholars and theologians who endeavored to rationalize the evil that lurks in the mind of Man are still among us.

I was only five years old when news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination was announced on television. I knew not who this man was, but I knew, and sensed, that a great man had been taken from us. I cannot explain it, but his memory is with me every day. He was larger than life because he was prepared to sacrifice his own life for the benefit of humanity. How gracious could one man have been? His words echo in my head and the mystery of what could have been perplexes my many thoughts constantly.

We are much more than an experiment.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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