Thursday, August 15, 2013



I have a hypothesis. See what you think.

Long ago I concluded that God was not a one hit wonder. His creation was both diverse and holographic.  Included in all that diversity was the gift of free will. Free will provided the precepts for good and evil.

So in point form:

1.   Our planet is inhabited by at least two forms of higher beings – we will consider Humans and Reptilians for the time being.

2.   Humans have a soul and Reptilians do not.

3.   Reptilians have been inter-breeding with Humans without the knowledge of the Human population (i.e. other than perhaps the Elite of the Human or Human-Hybrid tribes).

4.   Because Humans have a soul they continue on their journey to perfection.

5.   Reptilians are primitive, evil and the devotees of a lesser god (i.e. Satan).

6.   While Reptilians may be primitive in nature they have advanced knowledge.

7.   As such, they have directed their hybrid off-spring in managing the affairs of this planet.

8.   Because Reptilians do not have an eternal soul they have used cross-breeding and technology to acquire eternity.

It is my conclusion that Reptilians have controlled the introduction and use of technology, and employed mind-control techniques to hide Humans from their true God. This alone should account for degradation of Humankind.

Science and technology are the mechanisms by which Reptilians will acquire their eternity. This path to the infinite is both fragile and finite. For Humans eternity is a birth-rite from the Divine.

The dilemma: what is in store for the hybrids? This is important for all humans with a negative blood-type, as this blood type is Reptilian.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



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