Friday, August 16, 2013



It has been quite an incredible day. As I approached my front door, inches from my foot, was a large orange caterpillar. While my home is fully surrounded by trees I have not seen a bumble bee or caterpillar in quite some time. Fortunately, Mother Nature makes her presence known with the frequents visits of raccoons, squirrels, cardinals, sparrows and the occasional crow and skunk.

The caterpillar, which I just missed crushing with my foot, was a transformational sign. There are a select number of people who feel something cosmic and spiritual is taking place, but have no clue as to what and why. The visiting caterpillar was a sign that something significant would soon happen.

In an odd co-incidence my friend Victor phoned me from Bowen Island, British Columbia today. While we speak every day (Alberta to Toronto) he had found himself travelling further west to seek higher ground. On his drive to Hinton from Edmonton he lost his inseparable feline friend, Bobke. Bobke the cat was named after his Jewish grandmother, who was publicly executed by the Nazis in WWII. Needless to say Victor is still quite upset.

While driving around in disbelief Victor came a across a dead cougar. He knew this was a sign. He stopped along the highway and gathered the remains of the cougar. Because Victor believes that Bowen Island is hallowed ground, he began his drive further west.

He entered an area of the forest that he had visited many times before, and then began his mourning ritual. He placed the lifeless cougar atop the base of a majestic tree, and hung two eagles feathers with the symbol of Marduk above the altar. He then lit a little copal (a special sap used by South American shamans) and turned on the reggae music. The Great Spirit had given Victor a master of the forest as a gift to remember his now lost Bobke.

A caterpillar and a cat may appear incidental, but only to the small mind. God is placing signs all about us, but we fail to understand them.

Sometime time ago, I wrote a commentary with respect to the three secrets of Fatima. I stated that Russia and Vladimir Putin were the third secret. I wrote that because I was hoping that Mr. Putin would once again, as the leader of Russia, warn the world of what our leaders have failed to do. Russia was the instrument of power that ended the aggression of both Napoleone and Hitler. I was hoping Putin would reveal the third secret; this would have been Russia's third and final act of saving the world, or should I say, Mankind.

The children of Fatima were given a message to tell the world. Unfortunately those who believe they can best serve mankind by not telling us of the impending doom, have committed the greatest sin of all against God. When the Creator sent Our Lady, as a messenger, to provide the warning, He certainly did not expect that our leaders would ignore His advice. All the major leaders of the world, and anyone who have sought the truth, know the secret. Their selfishness will not go unnoticed by God. I too was hoping that Pope Francis would communicate the future force of Nature, as his mystical name would lead us to conclude.

There are those who believe the end-times are upon us. I too am one of those believers. I hope that I am wrong but the signs say otherwise. Please view Victor's mourning ritual via the following link:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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