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We have been Warned – “3600” A Death Ritual is in the Works

We have been Warned – “3600” A Death Ritual is in the Works

It’s not every day that the U.S. government announces its intent to kill 3,600 barred owls in the Pacific Northwest (California, Oregon and Washington). While ridding regions of a predator owl may appear to be an excellent conservation technique, the number they have chosen to kill has ominous overtones.

The “owl” and “3,600” have tremendous esoteric and astronomical inferences. I would like for you to read the following on the occulted meaning of the owl:

Once you have read the above, I want you to reflect on the Bohemian Grove – yes a place where the world’s Elite meet annually to sacrifice “someone or something”. This offering is made to the god Mulock (i.e. the owl god) in the “Cremation of Care” ceremony.

The number 3,600 is unique and many of you may not know why it is significant. On January 9, 2011, days after Dr. Silvano Vinceti discovered the Mona Lisa had a secret message inscribed on its canvas, I submitted an email to the “Comitato Nazionale per la Valorizzazione dei BeneStorici Culturali e Ambientali”.  After a brief telephone conversation with Dr. Vinceti we never spoke again. He did however publish specific findings from my brief without providing the appropriate acknowledgement. The website is currently unavailable.

What you should know, a) it is believed that the Mona Lisa was in fact Lisa Gherardini, b) Dr. Vinceti believes that her body is buried in Saint Orsala’s Convent in Florence, Italy, and c) Dr. Vinceti is on the brink of releasing DNA results on Gherardini’s remains. It is my hunch that Leonardo Da Vinci may have left a special message for humanity in her tomb.

There will be a lot happening in August, 2013 and thereafter – whether a false flag or a real tragic event, our conditioning for the end-game is set to begin.

Below is the commentary I wrote in January, 2011 explaining the meaning of 3,600 (PLEASE READ IT - IT WILL ASTONISH YOU). In subsequent commentaries I have explained why the Elite have delayed the events prophesized for the end of 2012.

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa Foretells of the Prophetic Year 2012

Enclosed is an alternate meaning to the hidden letters contained within the eyes of the Mona Lisa. I am not comfortable with Professor Ross Kilpatrick’s findings. In fact, his number and letters “do not” match the letters disclosed. Leonardo should be considered as a man of science and intrigue, and so he may have been sending a coded message.

An Italian researcher named Vinceti stated that several letters and one number were found coded in Mona Lisa’s eyes. One eye contains the letters L, V. The other eye contains the letters B,S or C,E and the number 72. I will use the letters C and S and the number 72.

The puzzle should be solved by starting with the number 72. It is the proof number. The number 72 has several important meanings but two of them are more meaningful. First, the axis of the planet Earth moves one degree every 72 years. A full 360 degrees (a full orbit) would take 25,920 years to complete. This is referred to as the precession of the Equinox. Today, we have rounded that number to be 26,000 years for simplicity. The second meaning refers to the Lesser Keys of Solomon. The Lesser Keys contain 72 Demons referred to in Ars Goetia. These may be the demons unleashed at the time of the precession. This also ties into Revelation and Daniel.

The letter “S” may refer to the Saros Cycle. In ancient Sumeria this cycle had a value of 3,600. Amazingly, the orbit of the Planet Nibiru is 3,600 years.

I do not believe the letters L and V denote Leonardo daVinci’s name. My suspicion is that the letters denote a Latin acronym for the name of Lucifer and his arrival – “Lucifer Venit”.

Therefore, the translation of the coded message reads:

Lucifer arrives when the Precession of the Equinox (reference to Ars Goetia) and the 3,600 year orbit of the planet Nibiru occur. That year is 2012. Leonardo was sending a message to his enlightened friends through one of his greatest paintings. The letter "C" denotes the number three or the trinity. The arrival of Lucifer, Niburu and the Precession are the three events.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede
Toronto, Canada
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