Friday, September 27, 2013

Enola Gay

Enola Gay

The Enola Gay is stationed, ready to depart
Her newest reincarnation does not resemble the old engine-propelled fart
Technology’s latest winged monster must fly in total stealth
After all, on design the demons have spent much of humanity’s wealth
Commencement dates for Dooms Day remain highly classified
The exact method of human culling has yet to be canonized
Timing is everything when one schemes total destruction
Akin to a recipe that requires a soupy reduction

Will genocide be the consequence of a deadly virus
Or perhaps a financial Armageddon would be much more desirous
Will the sun finally unleash a major coronal mass ejection
Or will the power grid simply fail by planned natural selection
Will comets approach and strike our precious planet
Or perhaps global currencies will collide like falling granite
Will earthquakes make the land quiver with frightening fear
Or perhaps a giant volcano will change our planetary sphere
Will extraterrestrials finally pull the cord on the universal curtain
Or perhaps an atomic bomb will make death on a grand scale a for certain
Will the Second Coming be a preamble to this awe-inspiring fan fare
Or should we just kneel and remember a long lost prayer

I say the game is not yet over
Unbridle your fear and put a leash on rover
The madmen planning our demise are but a few
Cannibalism’s recipe has taught us how to make a wonderful stew
Apathetic slumber is not the way for God’s creation to react    
It is time to get angry and put away your tact.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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