Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hegelian Smoke

Hegelian Smoke

I awake, more puzzled than the day before

The grotesqueness of reality more troublesome than a pus-filled sore

Politicians would have you believe that we are on the right path

The mind however portentously warns of an impending wrath


All around, humanity is positioned on its knees

Ominously we appear to have the same fate as the disappearing bees

Money has become a daily cross for people to bear

Families find it difficult even for a little love to give and to share


Fear has been seeded along every road and high-way

Corporations nightly sweep the barren roads of the sacrificial prey

Media presents an ongoing revisionist perspective of current events

Hate the only topic newscasters appear to incessantly present


I go to sleep more perplexed than when I awoke

Contemplation is lost in the Hegelian smoke

God I know is looking on with reassuring eyes

But how does one inspire those who have chosen apathy to baptize.


Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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