Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paul Hellyer emailed me this document RE: a Canada/EU trade agreement - Harper set to betray Canada

Mr. Harper is selling out Canada - a very dangerous political scoundrel. Please read the report and offer your support to Mr. Hellyer.

The Canadian government is about to sign a treaty with the European Union that is almost certainly:

(a) Unconstitutional

(b) Irresponsible

(c) Immoral

It would compromise the federal parliament’s exclusive jurisdiction over money and banking, and provide the private bankers with a de facto veto of any creative plans Canada might develop to end the recession, and bring back prosperity.


In effect we would not be able to do anything comparable to what was done in 1939 when the Bank of Canada began providing the federal government with large sums of near zero cost money that was spent into circulation to get us out of the Great Depression, and help finance World War II. Later it helped fund the great post-war infrastructure including the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Trans Canada Highway and many other major projects as well as our social security system. It was a deal that worked like a charm and gave us the best years of the twentieth century until 1974. 


Unfortunately, at that time, the Bank of Canada unilaterally turned its back on us, its owners, and started taking its orders from the Bank for International Settlements that decided central banks should no longer provide governments with low cost money. It has been downhill ever since.


There is no hope for either Canada or the world unless we adopt a system something like the one we had from 1939 to 1974. To give away our constitutional right to do something equally innovative now or in the future would be treasonous and must be stopped.


Watch former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer explain the nature of the proposed treason (The link: http://youtu.be/wEOU0Kc3T1Q) and then e-mail the Prime Minister at stephen.harper@parl.gc.ca or, better still, write him a letter and send it to:


The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, PC, MP, House of Commons. Ottawa. ON, K1A 0A6 and demand that he eliminate all financial conditions from the treaty before it is signed.

Sponsored by the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) and Jerry Ackerman, PhD, Ann Emmett, Connie Fogal and Hon. Paul Hellyer, plaintiffs. 83 Oakwood Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6H 2V9



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