Monday, September 23, 2013

Resolving the Problem of Plastic Waste

Attached is a letter I sent to all of Toronto's Municipal Councillors:

Good afternoon all:

I requested the attached information from your Waste management offices. According to Renee the City collects approximately 4611 tons of plastic - equivalent to 9,222,000 pounds or 4,183,000 kilograms.

You may or may not be aware of technology that has been developed by a Japanese scientist. His "plastic to oil" technology has been endorsed by the United Nations. In fact, one Canadian company is already employing the technology. I have attached the information in the following LINK:

The results show that 1 kilogram of plastic waste generates 1 litre of oil. A litre of oil at today's market pricing would approximate $1.25.

At the top end of the recovery scale the City generates $400.00 per ton when disposing plastics or 20 cents per pound. From a metric perspective that would be 20 cents per .4536 kilogram or 44.09 cents per kilogram/litre. The 44.09 represents a third of liter market price of oil. Please keep in mind that I have calculated the highest recovery value for the waste plastic. If I use the least recovery value of $10 ton then the amounts converts to .005 cents per pound or one 1.1 cent per kilogram/litre.

I have attached the LINK for the technology below:

The following LINK points out a tragic ocean story.

Corporate LINK for technology supplier:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede
Toronto, Ontario

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