Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Syrian Synopsis

Syrian chemical weapons have been under the control of the Russian military since December, 2012. The only terrorists are Obama, Kerry, McCain and the Windsor queen (just to name a few). She must be horrified by the vote outcome in the British parliament. We have to stop supporting lies if we want peace in this world. We must get rid of the British queen.


WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) - U.S. military uses uranium depleted weaponry. The empty shells are littered across the Middle-East and Northern Africa. Not only are these shells causing innumerable cancers in soldiers that carry these bullets, but the civilization population is experiencing sky-high cancer rates and children are born with a genocidal rate of deformities. Assad is a target not a killer. The real terrorist is America.

The NATO alliance killed Gaddafi after Wikileaks disclosed that he was not responsible for the Lockerbie airplane bombing. Gaddafi had about $500 bllion in gold and the same in currency. Where are the assets? Gaddafi was rebuilding Africa and introducing the use of the gold dinar in many countries (Uganda, Nigeria etc) . Gold! No more American currency. They took his money, his oil and made a deal with China and Russia. Putin was "pissed" that Medvedev allowed this to happen.

Read what Wall Street knows:


1. Great Britain sold the chemical weapons to Syria just under one year after the civil unrest. Reported by the British Press - The Guardian.
2. Approximately 6-8 months ago Russia,in an Israeli Intelligence report, sated that Russia  had secured Syria's chemical weapons - deployment would have been impossible.
3. The rebels are al Qaeda and paid mercenaries - sponsored by Great Britain, USA, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and France. This group of assassins is sponsoring the very people they tried to eliminate over the past decade.
4. This is about a) keeping Russia and China out of the Mediterranean - it is a strategic port for Russia (Afghanistan war was orchestrated for the same reason), b) China needs resources and although they have signed a major energy deal with Russia, Syria has just discovered the "world's largest" oil and gas reserves off its coast (this would certainly worry the Saudi Arabian criminal royal family), c) if they can place a "dummy dictatorship" in Syria they will eventually target Iran (this is about perpetual war). That is exactly what General Dempsey stated on a live interview years ago.
5. The Russian Revolution occurred because the Tsar refused to make oil available to the British Crown and European Central Bankers - so they killed him and his family and set Russia on a course of enslavement for almost 100 years.
6. Beatrix and Elizabeth own the vast majority of Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum.
7. America's wars have left the Middle-East and Northern Africa in shambles - almost 2,000,000 people have died, and continue to die.
9. The Americans employed chemical weapons in Vietnam and have been spraying our atmosphere with proven chemtrails.

An Associated Press reporter who interviewed the rebels, stated that “they had launched the chemical attack”. Everything I have stated is online for your review.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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