Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Days of Empire

The Days of Empire

The days of empire and individual nation greatness are taking their last shallow breathe. The very few, who for centuries, have unleashed famine, war and pestilence on God’s great creation are priming for one last great crusade.

The media and political hype would have us believe that we, the so-called democratic capitalist nations of the world, are being attacked by a very deliberate and calculated “terror”. That terror has been reincarnated as the merciless “Al Qaeda”.

That terror, however, is a genetic match of the reassuring voice we have come to trust. A voice whose resonance attempts to sway our sense of reason, and whose words are premeditated in their duplicity.

The pawns are you, me and the nations who have been selected to be part of the end-times diversion. Primarily due to their geographic positioning, ideological beliefs and the threat they pose to the two major assets of the Globalist Cabal.

Our protectors have created an enemy, a prophetic justification for war, and soon you will hear the logical explanation as to why the path to war must be taken.

This planet will face an Armageddon for one simple reason. Our protectors want to annihilate us to make invisible the crimes they have perpetrated against all humanity. Their crimes have centered on the sustainability of “oil and American dollar” to control the masses. That invisible truth has become frustrated by the reality we now know as China and Russia, and more so by their membership in the BRICS alliance.

These two competing groups could have agreed on a peaceful solution to the establishment of a One World Order; an Order to which the general population is completely oblivious. Mankind was never consulted, we were never provided the rules of engagement, nor were we made aware of the Order’s core principles and beliefs. We were to accept whatever resolutions proposed as the last few sheep remaining after a great slaughter – immaterial collateral damage.

The past one hundred years served as a plan to enslave humanity. Science and technology disguised themselves as the magnificent metaphors for suppressing the human condition. All the true possibilities of sacred science were buried in a sarcophagus with the great and deliberately estranged scientists who could have made this planet a true paradise.

The greed and contempt of these very few aristocratic demons have now brought us to a time of infamy - a time that does not belong to God, but rather to the na├»ve creation of God and those who desire to become gods on Earth.

Vladimir Putin has sought the path of peace, China in its ascension over poverty seeks the path of least resistance and the nations of the East who have endured suppression seek life over death. But that is not the will of the very few we have come to trust as our guardians. Our duplicitous guardians are the kings, queen, aristocrats, bankers and organizational leaders who speak of our safety, yet create circumstances to destroy us.

We are approaching a time of great peril and the world is asleep at the wheel. We have crossed this path many times since 9/11 – the creation date for the ultimate extinction date. We have managed to escape the final great cataclysm many times because very few people have managed to place the back of the Cabal against the wall. That intimidating prospect of losing what has been so carefully planned now brings us to this very dangerous and unimaginable circumstance.

The Earth belches, the winds roar and the waters run red with blood. We have kept our enemy far too close, for far too long, without knowing the game that was being played.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede




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