Thursday, September 5, 2013

To: General Martin E. Dempsey - 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Dear General Dempsey:

Your biography states that you were an English teacher and avid reader. A man who reads should certainly accumulate wisdom. I know of two other Americans who were entranced by the words of the written book - Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. Both assassinated by the disciples of the very men you serve today.

While you do not make decisions to go to war, you certainly make decisions on how wars should be fought. What you may have not yet realized is that your Presidency, sects of your Congress, the Federal Reserve, multi-national CEO's and aristocrats throughout Europe, the Middle-East and Asia have declared war on the American people.

These same aforementioned groups have waged perpetual war in the Middle-East and Northern Africa; destroying everything in their path, looting the victimized country's wealth, erasing centuries of architectural history, murdering on grand scale and leaving a trail of uranium depleted bullets that cause a genocidal rate of infant deformities.

As an English teacher you probably admire the works of many writers. I am confident that as a military man you must seek out novels and prose which offer reassuring words of peace and love, or of a story whose ending is happy and not tragic.

Most of the world knows that Syria is a lie. It is another Libya gone awry. We have killed, destroyed and brought more misery to God's planet. I wonder what insane loyalty allows military men and women to follow the edicts of liars and assassins.

I offer you something you may have already contemplated - to remove and execute the rogues who form the malevolent faction of the American government and banking system. The American people and the world would applaud your actions. You would soon find allies in Russia and China, and the rest of assassins would fall like dominos. Turn the guns around - the world is not your enemy.

I will end by offering you a poem I wrote Sept 11, 2010. I hope you enjoy it.

Going to the Gulag and We’re Gonna’ be Happy

Time to pay a visit to the Animal Farm
Political corruption addressed via this very simple and novel alarm
Stalinism’s utopian ideals were ingredients for this allegorical story
The pigs and boars of the animal kingdom were chosen for political glory

Perhaps we should reflect a little Of Mice and Men
The tale more tragic than that of Jean Valjean and the anonymous Madelaine
Human vagrancy cast in all direction
The pitiful protagonists found themselves void of all human affection

Yes, someone has summoned the order To Kill a Mockingbird
Humans, rather than colour, now being separated by religious herd
The innocence of idealism plucked from society’s foundation
The crows and buzzards stand guard to crush its resurrection for the corporation

Perhaps a glass of vino from the Grapes of Wrath will ease the mind’s commotion
Everything today moves fast but your reaction is stuck in slow motion
Every day appears to have become a Long Day’s Journey Into Night
Sit back and perhaps a little intellectual morphine will soothe your personal plight

Plan a vacation stint with The Old Man and the Sea
Resurrect your dignity in the company of tranquil waters and the Almighty
Don’t wait too long as Billy’s journey in Slaughterhouse Five may come to pass
Before war and aliens we should experience the feel of the ticklish grass

There are forces in life whose evil crushes even the most courageous Exorcist
Close your eyes wide open and be ready to subdue that which you cannot resist
Dust the record player and listen to Def Leppard sing Rock of Ages
Going to the Gulag and We’re Gonna’ be Happy, will not be all the rages.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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