Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) copies the U.S. PRISM Spy Program

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) copies the U.S. PRISM Spy Program

The triangle forming the Anglo-American Union has been fully exposed. The USA, Great Britain and now Canada are “Global Spies”. Their spying operations may be intercepting intelligence information, but I think they are spying on us. These “assholes” don’t trust us because we know and they know that we cannot trust them. This is how criminals keep evading justice. They infiltrate government and take control of our lives by knowing everything about us.

Why would Canada be spying on Brazil’s mining operations? Brazil’s Vale-Inco is a formidable presence in Canada, so why piss them off? The simple answer could be that mining is the only industry that produces real wealth (i.e. gold silver and other valuable resources). With China, Russia, India, Mexico and so many other countries starting to hoard gold and silver, and with Brazil being a key partner in the BRICS alliance, should we attribute something very important to this particular event?  It could very well mean that Gold and Silver will play a very pivotal role in the financial markets in the very near future. The supply of both precious metals is dwindling and the Anglo-American Union has “no gold”. Fort Knox is as empty as platypus’ belly. The only gold Great Britain may have, is what it stole from Libya when they assassinated Gaddafi, for the benefit of the royal wretch Elizabeth of course. Libya at the time was the only country in the world with no debt, had a prospering economy, held between $250-500 billion in gold bullion to back its currency, and Gaddafi was reconstructing whole segments of Africa with his prosperity. Now Libya is in ruins and the terrorists are destroying Syria. The real criminals are our democratically elected leaders, and the aristocratic vermin that control them.

Is it not amusing to watch Stephen Harper and John Baird bash other government leaders when we in Canada continue to commit crimes of genocide against our First Nations people, spy on our global trading partners, very certainly spy on the citizens of Canada, operate a government which is completely unaccountable to the electorate and one that is filled with secrecy and contempt?

If CSIS wants to spy on someone, please direct your efforts on Ontario’s former Premier Dalton McGuinty. That lying thief cancelled an energy project and cost the province of Ontario $700,000,000.00 - so his party would have favourable results in an election. Is “gangsterism” on that scale not a Federal offence? How many palms got greased on McGuinty’s almost “Five Billion Dollars” in waste (i.e. OLG et al)?

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Joseph Pede

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