Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Have Never Been to War

I Have Never Been to War

I have never been to war
But I do wonder to whose allegiance others have sworn
Some enlist to defend some false ideal
Conscription mandatory when war is truly real
I have never met the enemy they say is filled with wrath
His face ambiguous even to the unspent bullet’s path
On religion we may perhaps not agree
The politics however provide the reason for a murderous decree

For a soldier the motive for killing remains a mystery
Events they witness not necessarily recorded in a truthful history
Everything they do makes absolutely no sense
Between joy and anguish time too will lose its tense

Easy bed-fellows strangers soon become
In common will be a cache of bullets and a ready gun
No one knows who will live or die
For certain is the knowledge that memories will eternally horrify

A sniper’s bullet blows a man’s brain to Kingdom come
Land mines make flesh conclude the foot was truly dumb
Bombs shred the body in so many pieces
Fire chars skin like burnt out feces

Everywhere potential is found mutilated in so many a way
Peace a sacrificial lamb slaughtered day by day
How much blood must we ask Mother Nature to drink
Humanity’s end we have once again brought to an apocalyptic brink.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede





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