Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nano-Technology Laced Viruses Will Cull the Human Population

In early 2012 I stated that a Nano-technology laced virus would be the singular means by which the ruling Elite would eliminate the majority of human beings. I have now combined all the relevant pieces of the puzzle.

1. Chemtrails disperse the Nano-technology throughout the air and water. We then inhale or ingest the microscopic chips.

2. Smart-meters and cell-phones will use "wave technology" to trigger the dormant nano-chips which are laced with "kill protocols". The cell-phone is a primary "activator" and smart meters are the geographically placed drones. That is why there has been a great push to install smart-meters throughout the industrialized world. Wave technology will allow the spin-masters to determine who will live or die. The Nano-chips can target gender, race, blood-types, age, geographic residence or any demographic combination.

3. Atomic weapons will never be used. The Elite will not destroy artifacts, architecture and infrastructure  or poison the atmosphere. That would be considered ineffective planning, and make life very difficult for the survivors.

4. Fukushima however is pivotal in the deployment of the end game. I am no scientist but my logic leads me to conclude that the Nano-technology laced killers, hidden in our bodies, will be activated by elevated levels of air-born radiation.

This is how they will kill us. I am convinced of it.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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