Thursday, October 17, 2013

Political Cyber Bullying

Political Cyber Bullying

I don’t turn on the television very often but when I do I view the latest political news. Today I witnessed the Conservative Members of the federal Parliament do what they do best – read pre-scripted nonsense and applaud their insanity - this after a paid and well-deserved hiatus.

I know we should protect young adults from cyber-bullying attacks, but who will protect the Canadian public from political cyber-bullying? I think it is offensive to watch “public servants” behave as aristocratic buffoons.

Senator Larry W. Campbell’s response to one of my emails was simply “stupid”. Obviously this man’s vocabulary exceeds his intelligence. I wish to thank the “appointed” public servant for exercising the full extent of his intellectual capacity.

Between the lies, secrecy, theft, corruption, proroguing and nepotism, the Canadian public need only put steel bars on the parliamentary building windows and doors and throw away the key. This may be the easiest way of ridding ourselves of a cancer that has afflicted democracy in this country.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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