Friday, October 25, 2013

Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper

There was a Prime Sinister named Stephen Harper

Over the Canadian electorate he felt politically sharper

He prorogued parliament to hide lie after lie

The opposition parties could only scream but why, but why

During parliament’s hiatus he travelled east to make a deal with Europe’s Union

For the awaiting public he offered only a fool’s last communion

But on his return all hell appeared to break loose

His long nose came to resemble the neck of a Canada goose

Abolish the Senate he would aver through the media once more

Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau like me are corrupt to the core

The Natives too became restless across this great land

The parliament and public started aiming for Stephen’s manhood gland

But this great barnyard cock knew this commotion would come to pass

Then back to environmental pollution and the sale of gas


Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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