Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Historic Event Will NASA Reveal to us on November 13, 2013 - Fact or Fiction?

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NASA has made a historic discovery that will shake the entire planet. This announcement will be released to the media on November 13th, 2013. It will be a day to remember and One for the history books. Spread the word to your family & friends and sign up to stay updated!

Robert Morning Sky said that something dramatic would occur in November, 2012. This was the message extraterrestrials left with his grandfather (the man who had met and talked to an ET named Bek' Ti). Is our calendar truly off by one year (i.e. we never accounted for the year zero).

I had summarized Morning Sky's "Terra Papers" some time ago. You are welcomed to read the synopsis I wrote on March 3, 2011, and my additional commentary. It is entitled the "Origins of Man and 666". Please click on the following LINK:

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