Monday, November 25, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford Wins in the Battle of Irony and Comedy

Rob Ford tries to stop the "Gravy Train" for a second time. This hike no doubt will benefit the establishment who fought so hard to have Ford removed from office. More wasteful spending and hiring based on nepotism.

Another International Award under Mayor Rob Ford's Watch. This man can do no wrong when it comes to putting Toronto on the world stage.

In an attempt to implicate Rob Ford in an illegal weight loss program the Freemasons have launched a new drug. They will stop at nothing to catch him red-handed.

And yes folks a New York Mayor was subdued last week while drunk and driving. No media on this or on President Barack Obama's past crack-cocaine addiction.

The comedy reaches new heights when one views Kathleen Wynne's new election campaign video. In it she says she enjoys "running", and is seen running throughout the video. "Could she be running from the law?"......We know Dalton McGuinty made a hasty retreat into the good ole USA. I think he flew down on "Vulture Air".

The Senate Scandal has become but a whisper. Harper should be impeached! What about the secretive TPPA agreement? Harper needs no drugs, he is as high as Hitler - pure unadulterated ego.

Still no charges against Police Commissioner Bill Blair. I guess civil and human rights abuses are par for the course. How do we get of these appointed parasites out of responsible municipal positions? Jail appears never to be an option.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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