Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pope Francis - All we need is love!

WATCH: What The Pope Just Did Shocked Everyone. But It’s Absolutely Awesome.
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Pope Francis stated that he wants to be a man that ministers to everyone. When he came out of the Vatican to minister to the crowd, gone was the usual bullet proof glass and vest that is usually associated with the “Popemobile”. As he ministered to the crowd in Vatican City something unusual occurred.
We have seen the pictures on the internet of him blessing the disabled child in the Vatican this Easter. It has been a strange phenomenon when he has come out to the people since the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul’s life without the steady comforts of bullet proof encasing.
But what is touching the hearts of many is not the removal of the glass. It is not the Pope using Twitter to reach the masses. It is his blessing and caring for the poor and unfortunate.
Once again the Pope stopped the parade to bless a horribly disfigured man and kiss him on the head. The man who apparently is plagued by boils received a personal blessing and prayer for the Pope.  He bent down and kissed the man’s head and held him as he prayed.
It is a reminder to the humanity of us all. Caring for the less fortunate and kindness doesn’t have to be just from the Pope. We all hold the power to be kind to one another, but isn’t it a marvel to see that love and kindness is universal.  It touches one’s heart to see such affection for one that is less then fortunate.


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