Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Ode to the Canadian Parliament

An Ode to the Canadian Parliament

Public servants begin their career with many a good intention

Only to become afflicted with self-interested anal retention

Voters are most often times misled by their awe-inspiring mandate

Loyalty to party however means we soon become the victims of a parting handshake

The electoral limelight provides the cherry-picked few a stage on which to glow, and

A forum to stand and aver as to why a legislative bill they intend to sow

Yell atop of their lungs to silence the opposition

Beneath the shenanigans, is nothing more than a well-orchestrated proposition

Secret deals they make behind impassible doors

The treachery guarded by the apparitions in the shiny marble floors

Secretaries chosen for their stealth and unconditional silence

Their job is to keep secretive-material amongst only the tyrannical tyrants

All relevant matters the rogues thrust under the parliamentary bench

All the tomfooleries they celebrate in a bastardized form of French

Back-benchers yawn as first ministers begin to unfold

One lonely parliamentarian requests decency for the chamber to uphold

Roguish paintings grace the stone-walled corridors of those we have elected

Their deeds measurable only by those they have maliciously infected

Centuries old craftsmanship visible in the architecture’s grand design

Why have we allowed these scoundrels to convert this good house into a Luciferian shrine?

Thank You,
Joseph Pede

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