Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela - A new Apartheid awaits the next warrior

Nelson Mandela - A new Apartheid awaits the next warrior

In the early days of Mandela, we lived in a world where totalitarianism, military dictatorships and Apartheid reigned in many parts of our world. Poverty and hunger passively imprisoned many more (i.e. governments suppressed the masses by depriving them of basic food, water and shelter).

We broke through the 21st century only to be suffocated by an unseen evil. While many oppressive governments transitioned to ease poverty and totalitarian policies in many parts of the world (i.e. mostly brought about by an influx of foreign investment capital and financial opportunism) the real change emerging was both shadowy and malevolent. The physical body and so too the human spirit have emerged to live a more graceful existence, but the mind grows lame, controlled and imprisoned by an unholy consumerism, technological suppression, misguided secularism and a love of money. We have become mind-controlled zombies of corporatism and media propaganda.

Mandela and others like him (i.e. John F Kennedy, Martin L King, Mahatma Gandhi) found keys which unlocked the physical chains, and freed the human spirit. Those keys in most cases were encrusted with blood. At the dawn of the 21st century rogue Satanists have set a bolder agenda to imprison the human mind, and make savage human consciousness. Our fight today is not for South Africa, but rather for the entire planet, and humanity as we have come to know it.

The spirits of Mandela, Kennedy, King, Gandhi, and all those who attempted to provide Mankind with a terrestrial paradise, now wait for the next enlightened warrior who will liberate Humankind from the invisible chains.

Sadly, most of the political leaders who pay homage to Mandela are the very people who betray us today. It is akin to listening to an emotional speech given by Lyndon B Johnson on the death of John F Kennedy, knowing full well that he planned his assassination. The hypocrisy should madden the mind, but the imperceptible chains make the duplicity obscure.

Celebrities on the other hand, have used Mandela to heighten their own celebrity and not to make the world a better place.

I hope his death re-opens the wound that is today bandaged by lies.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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