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Nelson Mandela Really Died June 26, 2013

Was Mandela's burial date prescribed by the Illuminati? Mandela's early passion for dismantling Apartheid was a far cry from where he ended up politically. Did Mandela really die on June 26, 2013, and did someone plan his burial date for December 16, 2013 - a very astronomically unique date!

The following three videos offer a totally different perspective on Mandela's death:

Did the world's leaders congregate at the "Voortrekker Monument"? Source:

Gerard Moerdijk was the chief architect of 80 Protestant churches in South Africa. Moerdijk adhered to Reformed church tradition and thus his Renaissance trademark, the Greek-cross floorplan, always focused on the pulpit and preacher. In Protestant theology, the word of God is central.

Moerdijk created a similar central focus in the Voortrekker Monument, but in vertical instead of horizontal plane, and in African instead of European style.

The monument's huge upper dome features Egyptian backlighting to simulate the sky, the heavenly abode of God. Through the dome a sun ray penetrates downwards, highlighting words on 16 December at noon.

The sky oriented words: "WE FOR THEE SOUTH-AFRICA", are Moerdijk's focus point. These words are taken from an anthem, Die Stem: "We will live, we will die, we for thee South-Africa". The same anthem ends: "It will be well, God reigns."

Thus the sun ray simulates a connection between the words on the Cenotaph and the heavenly abode above, a communication between God and man.

The actual sun ray itself forms a 33rd sun ray shining onto the stone in the midst of floor opening.

I have spoken of the number 33 many times. The two obvious connections are the length of Jesus' life and the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.

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