Friday, December 20, 2013

Prostitution Now Legal in Canada

Prostitution is now legal in Canada - this is great news. I have written to Ministers for years trying to legalize prostitution. This will keep sex-workers safe, minimize the criminal content, protect the client and most of all, Canadians will be able to  "Collect Income Taxes" from the sex-trade workers.

We have more prostitution in our cities now than anyone cares to admit. Revenue Canada recognizes prostitution because it collects taxes from individuals who openly disclose their profession.

The Canadian Supreme Court has made a great decision for all concerned. but we must wait one year before legalized prostitution becomes law. Hopefully, our national debt will decrease accordingly.

Now we must wait for politicians to legalize specific drugs like weed. The underground economy is paying no tax on billions and billions of dollars for no reason. The real prostitutes are in government and they continue to screw ordinary Canadians.

Supreme Court declares Canada’s anti-prostitution laws unconstitutional in landmark ruling


Terri-Jean Bedford flashes a victory sign as she speaks with the media after learning Canada's highest court struck down the country's prostitution laws at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa Friday December 20, 2013.
THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian WyldTerri-Jean Bedford flashes a victory sign as she speaks with the media after learning Canada's highest court struck down the country's prostitution laws at the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa Friday December 20, 2013
OTTAWA — Applause erupted outside Canada’s highest court Friday as sex workers learned that Canada’s top judges had struck down prostitution laws as unconstitutional. The ruling means legal brothels could be a reality in Canada by next Christmas.

In a unanimous ruling, the nine Supreme Court judges – six of them men – found prostitution laws violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They gave Parliament a year fix them if it wishes to continue to impose limits on the sex trade.

Being caught in a bawdy-house, living off the profits of another’s prostitution and soliciting sex in public will remain crimes until December 2014.

“Yes, great day for Canada, Canadian women from coast to coast,” declared Terri Jean Bedford, bedecked in dominatrix attire. Bedford is  one of three plaintiffs who first brought a legal challenge to prostitution laws to the Ontario Superior Court in 2009.

“I am shocked and amazed that sex work and the sex work laws that affect our lives on a daily basis will, within a year, not cause us harm,” added fellow plaintiff Amy Leibovitch.

Reaction to the landmark ruling came quickly as many groups, both for and against the decriminalization of the sex trade, attended the Supreme Court for the decision.

Valerie Scott, the third plaintiff, said she hopes the federal government will simply stay out of the debate and leave the regulation of the sex trade to municipalities through bylaws.

“If the Harper government rewrites laws they will fail and the next generation of sex workers will be right back here. So let’s not be stupid, federal government, let’s do something progressive,” she said. “They didn’t rewrite the abortion law. They didn’t rewrite when gay and lesbian laws were decriminalized. They shouldn’t rewrite when we have our rights. The sky is not going to fall in.”
Not everybody was pleased with the decision.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay released a statement shortly after the ruling saying he was “concerned” that it found the laws unconstitutional. “We are reviewing the decision and are exploring all possible options to ensure the criminal law continues to address the significant harms that flow from prostitution to communities, those engaged in prostitution, and vulnerable persons,” he said.

The Prime Minister’s Office declined comment.

Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification Michelle Rempel tweeted: “Can’t help but feel our judiciary struck a blow to women’s safety and equality this morning. We aren’t a commodity to be bought or sold.”


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