Friday, January 3, 2014

A.I. Baby

A.I. Baby

Sperm has gone the way of the dodo
Men have turned out to be as lame as the oscillating yoyo
Tight fashioned pants encase the family jewels
Condoms have converted peckers to obsolete tools

Sperm banks have provided mothers a drive-by affair
Discreet depositories allow you to choose the sex, genes and even color of hair
If this is too conspicuous perhaps a surrogate might do
For cash, hubby and her, can embrace and secretly screw

Adoption of course is a much more cumbersome choice
Heart-breaking for the abandoned children who have no voice
Child slavery makes more sense for the scorpions in control
A life of love denied by the pimps in charge of the organ-harvesting patrol

But forget the value of children as they once use to be
Science has made them as disposable as the disappearing bee
Wombs will soon become as the barren waste land
The A.I. baby will be lab created with a preselected DNA strand

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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