Wednesday, January 8, 2014



The devil wears fashionable denim
Torn, faded and stitched with venom
Black leather boots add to his intrigue
Designer labels help hide the imperceptible army fatigues

Satan wears zippered blue suede shoes
No rhythm, no gospel, just really bad news
He slams hard on the ivory piano keys
Accompanied by Solomon on the Lesser Keys

Lucy-fer dresses in a mini-Gucci with fish-net hose
Luscious long legs that end with manicured toes
Strutting his stuff in the remains of Marilyn Munroe
Each swagger depositing a bit of your soul in Hell’s escrow

Baphomet stares down darning a horny hoodie
The king rapper knowing how to bundle you in the darker side of boogie
Twerking his subliminal message in your face
A great piece of ass slowly transforming you into a basket case

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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