Friday, January 17, 2014

Christ's Passion

Christ’s Passion

I hope one day a singer will put music to my words
A melodic voice can bring joy to the otherwise absurd
Pen-filled paper is not the medium for the generation of today
Preference is given to keyboard that pornography and poker play
Vestal virgins are no longer a reward for the religious rebel in disguise
One dollar is all you need to tantalize the nonconforming eyes
Television the channel to select from the witch’s cauldron of ingredients
The hidden sorcerers have found a way to make you unswervingly obedient
Music too can be a prosthetic for the multitudes that are lost
The mind goes for a joy-ride with the demons you had one-time playfully crossed
All the brick and mortar staples have now turned to virtual decay
Never before has yesterday been as frightening as today
Satan preaches that sin should not be wasted on those who pretend to pray
Everything good is caught up in an ecumenical array
There is no Father in whose salvation you can depend upon or trust
Rather join the Devil in his yellow submarine of lust
The ride is short and filled with all the desires that one could imagine
At journey’s end you will have an eternity to experience what was once Christ’s passion

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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