Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Education 2030 is Now

Education 2030 is Now

Today, science and technology have the ability to manipulate and deconstruct the brain. In this brave new world, we must be vigilant and guard against how both disciplines could enslave human consciousness and free will. 

Paradoxically, if the controllers of science and technology are capable of degrading human development to this degree, then why could they not employ the two disciplines to elevate the capabilities of the human brain? The truth is that science and technology could make every human being “knowledge equals” from birth. The consequences of a ubiquitously superior utopian brain would however have unimaginable consequences.

Education as a process has been rendered obsolete by science and technology. Policy makers have transformed education into a “prescribed curriculum” – a curriculum that is the least impactful and intentionally misdirected.

We must come to terms with two very important facts, i)  science and technology can imbed knowledge in any human or animal brain, without the intervention of a formal educational process, but ii) it cannot elevate the human soul.

Trans-humanism will mark the fall of Man, or set the stage for the evolutionary rise of Mankind.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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