Thursday, January 30, 2014

Justin “Time” Trudeau

Justin “Time” Trudeau

Are Justin Trudeau’s landmark policy changes, re-positioning of the Liberal Party ideology, and avant-garde outlook on social stigmas like marijuana just a co-incidence, or is there something behind the scenes that is propelling his “just in time” political view.

We must not neglect the fact that Jean Chretien is a major influence inside the Liberal Party, even if he was instrumental in its downfall when he departed. He is a chivalrous member of the elite Masonic and British Commonwealth monarchist fraternity known as the “Order of the Garter”, as well as being the father-in-law of a prominent and influential Bilderberg member (i.e. Paul Desmarais' son). Desmarais, who recently died, was known to be an influential man of mystery with ties to powerful people - from royalty to the Rothschild Family to George Soros.

These are the people who set the global agenda, making us believe our vote has made the difference. Justin Trudeau is being primed by the Elite of the world, just as Stephen Harper has been transformed into Monarchist puppet.

When you hear Justin Trudeau speak you will hear the Globalist agenda at work.  Justinian is no Pierre, but he has certainly acquired the hunger for power – at any cost.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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