Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Federal Budget Shuns Ontario

Both Premier Kathleen Wynne and provincial Finance Minister Charles Sousa were extremely upset with Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's just released budget. They feel the new Federal Budget short-changed the Province of Ontario by about $650 million in transfer payments (that amount represents the early estimate of what Ontario taxpayers lost in the energy plant fiasco - upgraded to about a billion dollars now). Wynne is a liar and thief like McGuinty.

My theory:

Both Premier Wynne and the Toronto Star launched a premeditated attack on Mayor Rob Ford. Ford is a staunch conservative party member and close family friend of Jim Flaherty.  Did Wynne, the Liberal Party and the Province of Ontario become targeted victims of Flaherty's venom? I think so!

Flaherty's move should reinforce the Provincial Conservative Party position in the upcoming election. Rob Ford is still my man in 2014.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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