Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jesuit Power Structure

By The Unhived Mind – 3rd August 2013
In an old lecture from 2010 by former-Public Enemy hip hop star, Professor Griff you will hear him highlighting the power of the Jesuit Order. Griff then goes on to display an old chart I created showing you the former-Superior General of the Jesuit Order surrounded by his U.S. Jesuit provincial soldiers whilst showing you the subordinate Cardinals under each Provincial.
Since this time we have now had a new Superior General called Adolfo Nicolas SJ and we even have a Jesuit Pope who serves the Jesuits more openly than any other Pope before him. As you can see before your eyes the Jesuits are dismantling the Roman cult. For those interested in this power over the U.S. then I should point out that I missed off the Jesuit General Counselor power in between the Superior General and the Provincials. This is of course the powerful Jesuit soldier, James Grummer SJ a very close aid to the Superior General.

Watch the full lecture by professor griff here
Here are some more of my charts of Jesuit power, some of these will need updating:
Below is a video of Professor Griff at the height of his dance career as the lead S1W in Public Enemy. A hip-hop group which actually made some sense back in the day. Groups like Public Enemy were destroyed by the music industry who found they could not suppress hiphop music, so they took it over and then moulded it into the worthless rubbish we see today such as Jay-Z. Nothing more than Knight of Malta merchants and their Freemasons guiding the black youth exactly how they want to. I salute Professor Griff for having the open mind and being able to see clearly who the real enemy is and how it is hiding behind many open and occult fronts. I just hope he does not get succoured in by the big names of the so-called alternative media arena. That arena is mostly commanded by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst through Nazi SS Officer, George H.W Scherrf (Bush) and a continuation of the old American Protective League designed to monitor and control enemies of Rome.

Do not be fooled by the Nation of Islam or its Fruit of Islam, these are mastered by the Jesuits the same as everyone else. Another example of Jesuit power is its control and creation of the Mormon Church. The powerful Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet mastered Brigham Young. Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ also mastered Albert Pike the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite tied to the second Ku Klux Klan. Note the connection with the Nation of Islam? Make note of how both the NOI and KKK despise the Torah Israelites which is a doctrine of the Catholic Church. Malcolm X was well aware who was pulling the NOI strings and its enemies.


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