Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cancer Cells Killed by Magnetic Scalar Waves - Konstantin Meyl

Prof. Konstantin Meyl is the world's leading physicist in the research on scalar waves, both in theory and practice. There are three kinds of waves:

1. Electromagnetic waves (Heinrich Hertz) - well known to everybody

2. Electric scalar waves (Nikola Tesla) - only known by secret services and enlightened people, also called Tesla waves, and

3. Magnetic scalar wave (Konstantin Meyl) - unknown

Meyl determined that a magnetic scalar wave is biologically relevant - not the electromagnetic wave. Cell communication is done by magnetic scalar waves. It was detected that cancer cells in most cases communicate with their own kind, and not with healthy cells.

So Meyl poisoned cancer cells and while dying, they sent a special signal received only by other cancer cells, which caused them to die as well. Healthy cells did not receive this signal.

With this method only cancer cells are targeted. That is a major difference to the chemotherapy treatment presently used today, as it targets almost the entire body and often kills the patients slowly.

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