Thursday, March 20, 2014

Empire With and Without Borders

Empire With and Without Borders

America and her controllers have constructed a financial empire which spans the entire globe. This has been accomplished by the presence of military bases in nation states throughout the world, multi-national infiltration of localized industry, the annexation of economies by the acceptance of the American dollar as a reserve currency, direct military intervention and pillage of a nation’s wealth, and the allegiance of duplicitous political leaders in foreign nation states serving the will of an invisible agenda, rather than the will of the people whom elected them.

Putin’s method of reconstructing empire by merging geographic borders is more overt, logical and honest. In a strange way, the citizens of the affected country become consciously involved in the future outcome of their lives – good or bad.

As much as I agree with the Crimean outcome, do not be fooled into thinking that the event may not have been preplanned. The Western Globalist Cabal had to concede something to Russia, in the wake of Libya and Syria, and a revised Russian Federation may have been the reward. The box is much rounder than you can imagine.

I wish to attach a poem I wrote on March 23,  2011 entitled “Dragon and Bear”:

Dragon and Bear

Ominously glaring down from a mountainous gorge
Talons piercing the dirt beneath it
Bellowing fire creates steam atop the dancing Yangtze
Enduring is its power over the mighty waters below

Across the valley a thundering roar
Footsteps mimic the sounds of a quaking earth
Piercing eyes radiate a fearless calm
Power and patience reflecting from each mighty fang

The prodigious Dragon deliberate in its response
Ursus clandestinely camouflaging its mighty strength
The two meet in the land of the Great Khan
There the spirit of Temujin unites the two great powers

Cossack and Mongol transformed to one mighty beast
Careful is their watch over the famished eagle
Flying lost in its attempt to place a deadened quarry to the ground
Peace in the distance awaits the fall of the tragic bird.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Folks - The Dragon is China, the Bear is Russia and the Eagle is the USA.

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