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The New World Order


The families who control the WORLD: “Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis”

House of Orsini
House of Aldobrandini
House of Borja
House of Breakspeare
House of Somaglia
House of Conti
House of Chigi 
House of Colonna
House of Farnese
House of Medici
House of Gaetani
House of Pamphili
House of Este

The Obelisks of Rome which represent the Families:

Matteiano Obelisk
Flaminio Obelisk
Vaticano Obelisk
Dogali Obelisk
Solare Obelisk
Lateranense Obelisk
Minerveo Obelisk
Macuteo Obelisk
Sallustiano Obelisk 
Quirinale Obelisk
Agonalis Obelisk 
Pinciano Obelisk
Esquiline Obelisk

Ptolemaic Papal bloodlines:


All controlled through the Jesuit Order, their Knights of Malta and the Teutonic Knights all based in missile protected “Borgo Santo Spirito”, in Rome.

Giuseppe Orsini – Italy, and Henry Breakspeare - Macau, China are the true power. This is the Guelph and the Ghibelline power over mankind.

The Cecil family were controlled by the powerful Jesuit family known as the Pallavicini. Maria Camilla Pallavicini is far more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II. Please study who funded Elizabeth I that astronomical amount of money to fight the Spanish, yes Pallavicini.

The Queen and Prince Philip are totally subordinate to the Papal Bloodline of the Breakspeare Family and their Jesuit U.K. Head Quarters at 114 Mount Street.

The most powerful among them is the Roman Giuseppe Orsini, of the powerful Roman Orsini Papal Bloodline, also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family. There is no one more powerful than this figure, who is really the “Grey Pope”.

The Papal Bloodlines are the secret shadow hierarchy of the Jesuit Order even behind the Black Pope touted at the #1.

You'll notice Baron David de Rothschild marrying into the Aldobrandini family -  Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini.

Henry Breakspear who resides now in Macau in China. Many of the Papal Bloodline heads now live in Asia and India. What does that tell you?

The current Black Pope, Adolfo Nicholas was brought forward by the Jesuits because global power will transfer to Asia - his roots are in Asia. Both this Black Pope and the white Pope aren't of Papal Bloodline, they are both commoners.

The above named are the most powerful families on the planet. These Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers are in Full Control of the Company of Jesus, High Grey Council of Ten, and the Black Pope

This is some good information on the Black Pope:

He lies about his power, he is over the Pope as of 1814. He only serves and works with the shadow Jesuits being the Papal Bloodline Orsini's, Breakspear's, Aldobrandini's, Farnese's, Somalgia's.

Adolfo is not of Papal Bloodline, some Black Pope's have been.

The next in power beneath the Jesuits is the Bourbon, King Juan Carlos of Spain. The Roman Monarch of the World, The King of Jerusalem and SMOM Military Navigator.

This is the true World's power system right now. 
Adolfo Nicolás Pachón (the current Black Pope) serves as a military General protecting the Zoroathrianism and Mithraism mystery schools.

The Jesuits were created by the Papal Bloodline Farnese during the reign of Farnese Pope Paul III. Loyola was commissioned by Alessandro Cardinal Farnese. The Borgia crime family created the Jesuits!!

After the terrible reign of Pope Alexander VI, the Romans were disgusted with the Spanish and vowed that there would never be another Spanish Pope. This animosity toward the Spanish was further aggravated by the Sack of Rome in 1527 in order to prevent the divorce of Henry VIII from Catherine of Aragon.

The Borgia answer to this Spanish animosity was the creation of the order of Jesuits - a quasi-religious/military strike force whose members were totally dedicated to their Spanish leader who bore the military title of general.

Like the White Pope, the general is elected for life and the Jesuit dynasty is a parallel or pseudo Papacy. Of course, the general is content to run the show from behind the scenes so as not to arouse the age-old Italian hatred for the Spanish.

The Jesuits were officially founding in 1540 by Pope Paul III. Ignatius Loyola became their first general.

Don Francis Borgia was the great-grandson of Pope Alexander VI, and co-founder of the Jesuits. On his mother's side he was descended from King Ferdinand of Aragon.

By: The Unhived Mind – 30th Sept 2013
Notice how this Grand Prior of The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem went to the Papal inauguration of the evil Jesuit Pope Francis I. Prince Richard has been to other Papal events in Rome on behalf of the Dame of Malta Elizabeth Mary II. Prince Richard is a servant of the office of the Holy See. The same goes for the Order of Malta Grandmaster and Cardinal Matthew Festing. From a bloodline point of view Prince Richard is of far more powerful than the current Grandmaster of the Order of Malta. When it comes to the power structure within the New Holy Roman Empire it is the Grandmaster who welds the most power. The former-Grandmaster of the Order of Malta was the equivalent in bloodline to Prince Richard. Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie was a cousin of Dame of Malta Elizabeth Mary II.
The Duke of Gloucester to attend the Inaugural Mass for Pope Francis, 15 March
Latest News and Diary


The Queen will be represented by The Duke of Gloucester at the Inaugural Mass for Pope Francis which will be held in St Peter’s Square, Vatican City, on Tuesday 19 March. His Royal Highness will be accompanied by The Duchess of Gloucester.


The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attended the Beatification of Pope John-Paul in 2011 and were in Rome to celebrate the teaching and history of the British Pontifical Colleges in 2012.
You can view from the picture above how the Grand Prior (A Patron of The Worshipful Company of Patternmakers and Liveryman [Mason] of The Worshipful Company of Masons lodge) wears black and bows in servitude to the Supreme Primate of the Office of the Holy See. His wife shows her servitude the same by wearing black and having a veil.
The Pope makes and creates Monarchs still to this day. The term sovereign was created by Pope Sixtus IV in 1481 when he signed in the Aeterni Regis Papal Bull created by the Chancery of Apostolic Briefs headed by Roderic Borja. The same Papal Bull that gave away the peoples rights to property ownership to the Vatican. Exactly why the people have an illusion of ownership whilst never truly owning anything. If you think you own the home you live within since the mortgage has been paid, well think again. Unless you have allodial title you do not own any property. You only have the title of fee simple which can be removed at any time the masters desire. You as a slave are not allowed property because you are seen as criminally insane, one of the reasons you need a licence from the masters to act within the illusion game designed just for you.
Make sure you understand what The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem is about and how it was founded in Hesse, Germany back in 1961 aided by Prince Henry the former-Duke of Gloucester and Grand Prior. Since 1831 the Jesuits have used the Order of Saint John has a powerful controller of the Illuminati. The Sabbatean Frankist zionists all belong within this higher ranked order of power. All the levels of power anwser to the highest office in the world being the Holy See and the Roman Curia. The Office of the Holy See is secretly commanded from the Jesuit Curia Generaliza in sovereign Borgo Santo Spirito.
The Inauguration Mass For Pope Francis
Prince Richard (Knight Companion of the coven of witches/warlocks known as the Order of the Garter) was joined at the Papal inauguration by other elitists from Britain. The Bilderberg Group head and Privy Councillor Kenneth Clark was present along with Privy Councillor Baroness Warsi. Kenneth Clark is a treasonous traitor to England and Britain as he throws the nation to the Catholic wolves of the fascist European Union. Kenneth Clark being a member of the Bar through the Queen’s Counsel means he acts as a reaper of the souls of the people using the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666. Kenneth Clark has fiddled his Council Tax and housing allowance expenses. Baroness Warsi has also fiddled her expenses as well as broken ministerial codes but still today they both are part of the UK Government. Both are advisers to the Dame of Malta Elizabeth Mary II. Baroness Warsi has met with both the former-Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis I.
The Jesuits had control of Britain on and off until the Jesuit power became permanent through King George III the Prince Elector of the New Holy Roman Empire. This control over Britain aided the future demonization of Protestantism. The Jesuits would order a particular action such as the raping of the African continent for the benefits which afterwards would be blamed on Protestant minds under the Church of England. The intent of the Jesuit by this time was no longer to make Catholicism the rulership of the World. The intent of the Jesuit was to destroy both Catholicism and Protestantism and this is why today we have attacks against both. No form of Christianity will be allowed to survive. In order to understand this you need to understand the roots of the Jesuits going back to the Knights Templar and of course the alliance between the Jesuits and the Protestant powers after the suppression of the Jesuits by the Pope in 1773.
The Jesuits and certain traitorous Order of Malta knights like the high-level Giuseppe Balsamo created the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati through the sheep-dipped Jesuit Adam Weishaupt. Read the later Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to understand the agenda of the Illuminati. The true origins of the Protocols go back to Rome in 1482 before the Jesuits even existed. The protocols bring about the janus thinking of the endgame we have today as we transition into the new age of Aquarius.
The Jesuits dominate Great Britain from the Provicinal Offices based in Westminster at 114 Mount Street. From this building the Jesuit monitor and control the intelligence services and Monarchy of Great Britain in Westminster as well as the ancient city of Londinium known as the City of London. The City of London is the central command over the empire. An empire recreated by the Congress of Vienna in 1814 and the Treaty of Verona in 1822.
The most powerful Jesuit soldier in Britain is Dermott Preston SJ the current British Provicinal for the order. He is the master over the Catholic Archbishops in the England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Preston works closely with Antonio Mennini the current Apostolic Nunciature to Great Britain located in Wimbledon. From these offices Dermott Preston commands Antonio Mennini and both answer to higher offices. Dermott Preston answers to Jesuit soldier and regional assistant Antoine Kerhuel and the Black Pope. Antonio Mennini answers to Antione Kerhuel, Dermott Preston and the Pope of Rome through the Office of the Holy See. Antione Kerhuel is based in the Jesuit Curia Generalizia. Jesuit Generals have been known to admit they rule the world from the Curia Generaliza. The original Jesuit war-room was based in Luzio, Italy and called Villa Farnese.


Finally, a video with Eric Phelps, Craig Oxley & Vittorio Vivaldi - 11/11/11 (please view)


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