Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ukraine is a preamble for something far greater

In December, 2013 I warned readers that some global event would transpire in March, 2014. The Ukraine is an important spark in what will become a much larger chain reaction.

Putin's actions did not meet the expected strategic and military outcome of the aggressor (i.e. the Illuminati). In fact, Putin has single-handedly out-witted the EU, the USA and the entire Western Cabal. Their plan was centered around a relaxed Russian Federation lazily enjoying the Sochi Olympics; unprepared for a coup d'etat impacting the future viability of the Russian or even Asian Federation. Putin's lightening-speed reaction makes Russia a formidable power, and an absolute obstacle for the New World Order. His actions, I believe, have solidified China's respect and allegiance. Cossack and Mongol are now ONE.

In order to deflate the success of Putin's military prowess, a catastrophic domino effect is about to take place:

1. Financial chaos starting in Japan
2. Then financial turmoil in Argentina and Venezuela
3. Israel and Iran commence with a war of words until all out war becomes a reality
4. The destabilization of Turkey could become the wild card, breaking the second key line of defense between East and West
5. The collapse of the U.S. dollar
6. The collapse of the EURO
7. I do not believe we will see WWIII but a divided global system of governance will emerge - with a one world currency.
8. In between all this a new black plague will materialize, accompanied by food shortages and societal chaos.

This is the most predictable scenario.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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