Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CGR (Global Currency Reset) – Part II

CGR (Global Currency Reset) – Part II

Everyone is talking about a financial and economic collapse, but most people do not understand why it could happen. It is this writer’s belief that our current financial and economic systems are about to implode. There are only two reasons why such a collapse could happen. 

The primary reason is the unquantifiable and unrepayable debt that has been created by derivatives. The second reason is “idleness” – the growing population of retirees and the mounting numbers impacted by “structural unemployment”. These latter two are unfunded liabilities – namely public pensions, health care costs, public service pensions, welfare costs and eventually, unemployment costs that will exceed employer contributions.

In the United States, unfunded liabilities total $130,000,000,000,000.00 (that’s trillion) or in excess of $1,111,000.00 (that’s million) per U.S. citizen.

My assumption is that the quadrillion or quintillions of dollars in derivative debt will be netted, with the use of some financial formula, amongst the various central banks, shareholders and bondholders. This will be done to save the people at the top of the pyramid from being executed for their crimes against humanity. This adjustment will downwardly impact stock prices, as most of these derivatives have been monetized on corporate balance sheets.

Unfunded liabilities will remain intact because human beings have no other concept of financial trade other than money. This is where gold, silver, oil and other natural resources come into play. Currencies around the world will be reset under one central global currency (i.e. I have stated the SDR for three years now) with gold, silver and a basket of currencies backing that one currency. That is why gold and silver will sky rocket in value.

This in large part explains the continuing and perpetual chaos on this planet - war, famine, climatic, geographic and atmospheric manipulation, plague and financial upheaval.  

It would be easier just to execute the aristocrats, bankers and CEO's and take our money back. The balance could be written off to stupidity.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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