Thursday, April 3, 2014

MH370, Alternative Media and Mayor Rob Ford

Malaysia Flight MH370

Why don't airplane cockpits have streaming video? The answer to date is that pilots demand privacy. The cockpit is not a private room, it is an open public workplace with specific security protocols. The real reason for no cameras - planes will continue to be used as weapons in false flag events.

Alternative Media

Individuals like Alex Jones and alternative media sources use knowledge to create and instill fear...."that is what the Globalists want".....he does not use it to create a legitimate social and political movement......"fear and hate are very strong NWO weapons"

Mayor Rob Ford (2 Thoughts)

1. Is it not amazing that ex-President Bill Clinton is criticizing Mayor Rob Ford....Clinton is a rapist, pedophile and a court action in Mena, Arkansas has tried to bring him to trial for the murder of 5 teenagers who witnessed the operations of the Clinton and Bush's drug cartel. Clinton should be executed for capital crimes, not made to be a podium for professional conduct.

2. What really bothers me now is that Ford knows many dirty cops. Why are they not being exposed and why are they being protected by the Police Force? If he knows dirty cops, everyone including the Commissioner knows who they are as well. It s all about "who has something on someone else".

I had a close friendship with a staff sergeant who worked at the Queen's Park division, under ...the then police commissioner. He stated, "Joe one day I will tell you how it really works". But I already knew. He said, "if a notable murder or crime goes down, the police already know about it".

He also said that he was not a Freemason, but that he was untouchable for one specific reason, He kept evidence (in a secret hiding place) on some really dirty political matters and individuals - one was a former Mayor of Toronto.

In the late 90's an ex-cop joined the automotive industry. He and his partner were repeatedly asked and warned to join the club. His father-in-law was a judge to boot. He opted out of the force but his partner did not. A week later his partner was killed doing speed control on a highway.

The Police Force, the Ontario Provincial Parliament, the Senate and Federal House of Commons needs a major cleanup. Freemasonry is a corrupt and vile organization. Freemasonry has its own covert police force and they do whatever they are told.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede 


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takdog said...

Hello Joseph, as is usually the case whenever I am reading your poetry I find myself nodding in accord and proclaiming aloud "too bloody right!" at the end of many of your posts.just wanted to say thank you,from steve in hobart.