Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ontario Premier Wynne issues warning letter to Tim Hudak – Another MH370 mystery!

Wynne issues warning letter to Hudak – Another MH370 mystery!

Let us first discuss airline security. I have been a long-time proponent of video cameras and live streaming video surveillance inside air-planes; more specifically cockpits. Airplanes would not be used as devices for false-flag operations if they were equipped with video cameras. This solution would create a safer travel environment and provide immediate answers in critical situations. It is my belief that the real terrorists are our own governments and intelligence agencies.

We have satellite security, camera surveillance at every street corner, in major office towers, in every local retail shop, bank and Laundromat, and our cell phones covertly track our every movement (know where I am going with this one – they already have the answers). In addition, our vehicles have GPS systems, and every important government building has armed security guards or police, and scanning devices of every kind.

Kathleen Wynne is trying to convince the Ontario public that ex-Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Chief of Staff, David Livingston, leisurely walked into the Ontario legislature in the dead of night, with key in hand to the Premier’s office door, by-passing security and surveillance cameras, and leisurely erased untold number of emails from Dalton McGuinty’s computer, and any of McGuinty's staff computers (i.e. individuals who may have been privy to such information). What a crock of SHIT!

I have never graced the hallowed halls of the Ontario Legislature, but I would presume that in the Liberal party transition (i.e. McGuinty resigned and Wynne assumed the Premiership via APPOINTMENT) computers would have transitioned from the outgoing Premier to incoming Premier, and to the appropriate support staff as well. That would have made the transition easier. If not, then I would presume the old computers would be under lock and key, especially since everyone knew the gas plant scandal was being investigated by law enforcement. Would that make sense, or are we to conclude that the very people who make our laws are stupid enough not to follow them?

There are certain protocols that every small business and corporate entity follows diligently, one being “computer back-ups”. Are computers at the Ontario Legislature not being backed-up? If not, that would be another crock of SHIT! Am I to presume that individuals who had dealings with both Premiers (external to the Ontario Legislature) also erased their email information? Emails generally flow from and to people.

Yes computer information can be erased, but I do know that it can be retrieved by computer engineers. This same procedure is taking place with the computer simulation system owned by the missing MH370 pilot.

According to news media reports, David Livingston accessed Premier Wynne’s office after her appointment. Is someone trying to convince the general public that McGuinty’s computer was collecting dust in Wynne’s office, and that Wynne has never accessed McGuinty’s old computer? 

It is repulsive to think that Wynne would file a libel notice against Hudak, when in fact, Hudak should be preparing a class action law suit against the executive staff and leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party for fraud and criminal conduct. Our elected officials appear to be totally unconcerned that in excess of $1,000,000,000.00 (billion) of Ontario taxpayer money has vanished. This vanishing act (just like MH370) was devised so the Liberal Party could retain two seats in the affected gas plant scandal ridings.

McGuinty’s Liberal government defrauded Ontario taxpayers of billions and billions of dollars – E-health, OLG, Ornge, Cancer Institute and now the gas plant scandal. Who the FUCK do these people think they are, squandering billions of dollars of taxpayer funds and getting away with it – and Wynne issues a libel notice?

I, like many people in this province, are not interested in inquiries, and elected officials escaping justice, when ordinary citizens are having a hard time making ends-meat.

We have been so pre-occupied with Mayor Ford and his “errors in judgement”, that real criminal conduct has escaped the public eye. I would like to know when Police Commissioner Blair, Dalton McGuinty, Kathleen Wynne, Stephen Harper and a slew of other politicians (i.e. Tony Clement) will be charged for their inappropriate conduct? These people are not above the law, in fact, they disgust me.

Mayor Ford has been video-taped in virtually every aspect of his life – yet we have no video biography on the secret lives and lies of Harper, McGuinty, Blair or Wynne. There are more criminals in our halls of justice than exist on the outside. Let’s turn the cameras around.

Freemasonry is a criminal organization.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


If Justin Trudeau can use the F-word, then I presume someone that pays his way can do so as well.

Loyalty to a political party and party leader is killing democracy. Individuals who want to run for political office need not be a member of a registered political party, nor should they be vetted by the leader of a political party for that opportunity. They should be able to place their name on a ballot and represent the people in their riding, if they so choose. Municipal politics in most cases allows for this model, and so should provincial and federal politics

I am not interested in political dictators like Stephen Harper, and fleeing bandits like Dalton McGuinty. It is not their money! It is time we removed that abomination called the Windsor queen, and a Governor-General who receives a great pay package for travelling about and dispensing medals. We can get a monkey to do that.

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